Q: Can I part exchange my car?

A: No, unfortunately our dealers do not offer part exchange as part of the transaction.

Q: If I order my car from www.drivethedeal.com, what happens next?

A: Your order will be emailed to us and we will telephone you to discuss it with you and confirm all of the details. We then place your order with the most competitive UK main dealership that we can find which will telephone within 2 working days to introduce themselves to you. From that point onwards you may deal directly with the dealer.

Q: Who do I pay my money to and when do I pay it?

A: You pay the dealership a deposit of £500 (or the deposit is sometimes increased to match the value of any optional extras you add to your car) when you place the order and you pay the rest of the money to the dealership by cleared funds on or before delivery.

Q: Do I get any warranties?

A: Yes, as you are purchasing from a UK main dealership, your warranties are exactly the same as if you order the car from your local dealership. This means that the manufacturer will pay any UK main dealer of your choice to do warranty work.

Q: Where do I get the car serviced?

A: At any main dealership of your choice anywhere in the UK.

Q: Do you import the cars?

A: No, we never import cars. We only order cars from UK main dealerships.

Q: How can you get such good prices?

A: Because we place so many purchases. If you can get a discount on a car locally, and you are only buying one car, then just imagine how much discount you could get if you were buying 20 cars? We also work with Company car fleets, and as a result we have a lot of negotiating power which we are using to help you to get a better deal.

Q: My local dealer has offered me a special low rate finance deal or free insurance. Can you offer this too?

A: Normally these schemes are run by the manufacturer and are available through all of their dealerships. As a result you can normally participate in these schemes. If you want to take advantage of one of these schemes, then please tell us in the 'Additional Comments' box at the bottom of the Order Form when you send your order to us and we will notify the dealer who can arrange this with you directly. In the rare case that these schemes are not available, you will be advised of this prior to us passing your order to the dealer and you will be offered the opportunity to re-think your order.

Q: What are the top dozen most popular family cars?

A: Generally families find 4x4 cars suit their needs best, due to the practicality of the extra space they afford and the safety they offer. In order of popularity we receive the most enquiries for the following makes and models:

Audi A3 (popular family hatch)
Audi Q3 (smaller than the Audi Q5, easier to park)
Audi Q5 (5-seater SUV, competitor to Mercedes GLC)
Audi Q7 (this car benefits from having 7 seats)
Ford Puma (economic hybrid small SUV)
Jaguar F Pace (similar size to Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC)
Jaguar I Pace (all electric Jaguar with long range)
Land Rover Discovery Sport (available with either 5 or 7 seats and as a plug-in hybrid too)
Land Rover Discovery (New 2021 model)
Range Rover Sport (popular executive SUV)
Skoda Kodiaq (7 seat SUV)
Volkswagen California (VW Motor home)
Volkswagen Golf GTI (new model MK 8 version of this iconic hot hatch)
Volkswagen ID3 (electric car with good range)
Volkswagen ID4 (electric SUV with long range)
Volkswagen Tiguan (all new model for 2021)

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