is the only internet car broker to be awarded the HAT standard by Honest John of the Daily Telegraph.

Drivethedeal is run by one of the last few true gents left in the motor trade: Richard Sanders. His business is solely putting his customers into genuine deals with UK main dealers at the best discounts available. Whereas some brokers avail themselves of fleet discounts by assigning the cars they sell to customers to fleets, and hanging onto the registration documents, drivethedeal offers only genuine UK supplier sales with immediate transfer of registered keepership so there is never any doubt.

Now, more than ever, motorists are trying to find people they can trust for their motoring needs, who will deliver good deals and decent service for a sensible price. That is why I have introduced my Highly Approved Trader (HAT) standard – to give motorists an easy means of finding the organisations that I think can be trusted.

Honest John

Based on the constant flow of information Honest John receives, the selection of the winner in each category is made based on a series of customer service criteria:

  • Reliable, high quality service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Higher than 97% ratio of good feedback to Honest John directly
  • Demonstrate an excellent and transparent mechanism for handling customer complaints

Honest John Hat Award

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