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These terms and conditions apply between you and www.drivethedeal.com for www.drivethedeal.com to provide services on your behalf in connection with the purchase by you of any of the models of new motor vehicles listed on this website. The service provided by www.drivethedeal.com is to compare and obtain using its specialist market knowledge the lowest quote that it can find for the vehicle you require from UK main dealers and to place your deposit with the main dealer in order to reserve that vehicle for you at the lowest price it has been quoted (hereafter referred to as "the service"). The contract for the supply of the vehicle should you decide to proceed is between you and the UK main dealer www.drivethedeal.com has identified as able to offer the most competitive quote for the model and specification you require.

      I.        Orders

                     1.        Your order of a vehicle from this website is an instruction by you to www.drivethedeal.com to provide the service to you in accordance with these terms and conditions.

                     2.        If www.drivethedeal.com is unable to source the model and specification of vehicle you require you will be contacted by email or telephone (depending on the details you have provided).

                     3.        If www.drivethedeal.com is able to source the vehicle you require you will be contacted with this information which shall quote the model, specification, price and terms on which the vehicle may be purchased.

     II.        Prices

                     1.        Prices advertised on this website are prices that www.drivethedeal.com believes it will be able to obtain or are based on prices previously achieved on behalf of other purchasers.

                     2.        Prices advertised are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer by www.drivethedeal.com capable of acceptance by you.

                     3.        Prices advertised or quoted by www.drivethedeal.com for new cars:

                                     a.        include VAT, delivery charges to an address in England, number plates, Road Fund Licence and Vehicle Registration Charge (if applicable); and

                                     b.        exclude insurance.

                     4.        Any changes in the rate of VAT, Road Fund Licence, Vehicle Registration Charge, tariffs or other applicable taxes between the date you place your order and the date your car is registered to you will be passed on to you in full.

                     5.        If the car manufacturer increases their list price of the car you have ordered between you placing the order and the car being delivered, most manufacturers would usually price protect those orders already received, but in the event that they do not do so, you will be liable to pay the additional amount. If you do not wish to proceed with your purchase at the new, higher, price then you may cancel your order and your deposit will be refunded in full. In this eventuality you would not be liable for the cancellation fee in clause IV Cancellation (5) below.

   III.        Payment

                     1.        If you wish to purchase the vehicle sourced by www.drivethedeal.com on the terms and at the price quoted a minimum deposit of £1000 will be required from you by the dealer who is to supply the vehicle. The deposit may be more depending upon the specification of car ordered.

                     2.        Payment of the deposit may be made by those credit and charge cards accepted by the dealer.

                     3.        You will be required to provide www.drivethedeal.com with your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit or charge card details to effect payment of the deposit. All such personal data and credit or charge card details received by www.drivethedeal.com will be passed on to the dealer concerned for payment of the deposit and placement of your order, once you have indicated that you wish to purchase the vehicle ordered on the terms and at the price quoted by the dealer.

                     4.        Payment of the balance due on the vehicle must be made directly by you in the manner agreed with the dealer.

                     5.        www.drivethedeal.com do not add any additional charges to the prices advertised. However, the dealer will pay www.drivethedeal.com a modest commission to cover www.drivethedeal.com's costs incurred in providing you with its services under this agreement.

    IV.        Cancellation

                     1.        The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 state that www.drivethedeal.com must not begin to supply the service before the end of the statutory cancellation period of 14 days unless you expressly request that we commence the service immediately.

                     2.        Because the car manufacturers can increase their prices without notice, and because various offers are time sensitive and stock changes constantly, it would be impractical for us not to act on your order for 14 days.

                     3.        By submitting an order you hereby expressly request us immediately to start to provide you with the service on receipt of your order for the purpose of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. You may tell www.drivethedeal.com in writing at any time that you no longer wish us to provide you with the service up until we conclude the agreement on your behalf with the dealer by arranging for the payment of your deposit.

                     4.        Your attention is drawn to the fact that you have a right to cancel your agreement with the dealer under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. This right does not apply however where the vehicle you have agreed to purchase is made to your specifications or is clearly personalised.

                     5.        If you change your mind and cancel your order once we have passed it to a dealer, then we will suffer loss because we will have incurred all of the expense in acting upon your instructions to order the car, yet the dealer will not pay us a commission. As such, we would charge you a fee of £395.00 (£329.17 + VAT) which we are legally entitled to do under Clause 36 (4) (b) of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. To cancel your order please email cancellations@drivethedeal.com in the first instance informing us that you wish to cancel and we will email you bank details to make this payment. We are human! We recognise people can suffer a bereavement in the household or diagnosis of a serious illness while they are waiting for their car to be built and may need to cancel their order. In the event a customer ever sends us evidence they sadly fall into this category we would waive the fee, but only in these particular circumstances.

                     6.        Note that people come to us to save as much money as possible. When a customer cancels, the dealer often has to pay a fee to re-consign their car to another customer, and the dealer usually incurs additional costs such as storage charges and interest on their stock loan while they hold your car in stock. These costs are then reflected back by a reduction in the discount we can get in the future meaning that customers who cancel end up costing our other customers more money for their car. This isn’t fair on other customers. We are especially keen that people do not order a car if they are not going to pay for it. This is why we do not offer any further flexibility on charging our cancellation fee.

     V.        Liability

                     1.        www.drivethedeal.com's sole obligation is to source from UK main dealers the vehicle you require at the most competitive price it is able and to arrange the payment of the deposit to secure it on the terms quoted by the dealer.  

                     2.        www.drivethedeal.com accepts no responsibility for any loss arising out of the agreement between you and the dealer relating to the supply of any vehicle.

                     3.        www.drivethedeal.com does not guarantee the title, quality or performance of the vehicles in any way, nor that the prices quoted are the lowest available, and www.drivethedeal.com shall bear no responsibility if you are not satisfied with the vehicle purchased.

                     4.        www.drivethedeal.com make every effort to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate as possible but are reliant on third parties, and in particular dealers, to provide information and www.drivethedeal.com cannot warrant that the information is accurate, complete or up to date and will have no liability to you if it is not.

    VI.        Delivery

                     1.        Deliveries are restricted to mainland Britain.

                     2.        All delivery arrangements must be agreed between you and the dealer and www.drivethedeal.com accepts no responsibility for any vehicle not delivered in accordance with such arrangements.

                     3.        Deliveries to Scotland and Wales may cost extra. We will quote you a price on a case by case basis.

                     4.        If you accept the free delivery service, your car will be road driven from the dealer to you. If you wish to pay for a transporter to bring your car to you then you should request a quote from the dealer.

                     5.        Some dealers require customers to sign any finance documents, if applicable, on their premises. In these instances the dealer will expect you to collect your car at the same time as you visit them to sign your finance documents, and you will not receive a free delivery.

  VII.        Confidentiality

                     1.        Once payment of the deposit has been effected the dealer will contact you to introduce themselves. The supplying dealer's identity is confidential and you agree as a condition of this agreement that you will not disclose it to any third party.

VIII.        Governing Law

                     1.        These terms and conditions are governed by English law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales in respect of them.

    IX.        Statutory Rights

                     1.        Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by this agreement.